Books Books Books!

I love books as my bulging bookshelves demonstrate.  In recent years there has been so many books published relating to aspects of dance teaching practice that it is impossible to keep up with them all.  But this is exciting because it means that there are lots of people out there who care enough about dance, dancers and everyone involved with dancers, to share their amazing body of knowledge by writing about it.

I will share aspects of my books with you in this blog – old ones that belonged to my late mother (also a dance teacher), new ones that I discover and my favourite dance-related books that I always go back to time and time again.  The ones that are full of post-its marking a page that has something worth returning to.  My very favourite books have a rainbow of multi-coloured tags draping the long side of the pages.  I write a clue on some of them as to what item of interest I will find on the page.  But others I leave to curiosity – I need to open the page to discover what made me tag the page before.  I have discovered lots of fascinating things through my curiosity method – but believe me, if you are in a hurry then do not be tempted to dive into the curiosity pages.  If you do you may do what I do – spend hours happily exploring pages full of wonderfully interesting things that are probably completely, off-topic for what I am looking for at that time – you have been warned!