Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers

I have developed the Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers course to prepare dance teachers to take the internationally recognised Level 5 qualification in Safe and Effective Dance Practice (SEDP).  This new qualification is the result of collaboration between Trinity College London and the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). Topics include basic principles of:- anatomy and physiology; warming up and cooling down; nutrition and hydration; fitness for dancers, injury prevention and management;  posture and alignment; planning dance sessions; safe progression of exercises; reflective practice as well as the dance studio environment. These topics are explored relevant to your own dance teaching practice.  So if you are a teacher of leisure or social dance then you will focus on the topics from this perspective.  And if you teach competitive or elite performers then you will be exploring how to employ safe dance practice in this context.  Further details about his course are available from the website.