Pilates Anatomy – fab new book

I already have (and love) Karen Clippenger’s excellent book Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology.  So when I saw that she had joined forces with Rael Isacowitz (of Pilates Your complete guide to mat work and apparatus exercises, fame – another great book, and yes, I have it too) I thought I must get it.  It arrived and I love it.  It is full of clear explanations and illustrations.

The anatomy and alignment information in this book is also very useful for dance teachers whether you teach Pilates Mat or not.  If you do Pilates Mat for yourself or as an instructor then you will love the clarity of presentation of the exercises..  Execution of the exercise is given together with the targeted and accompanying muscles.  Technique cues and exercise notes help to give the reader a more in-depth understanding of the exercise.  Some exercise variations are also given.  I like the way the discussions and reasons give you something to connect your learning to.  So much useful information in one little book.

I was just about to write this post when an email arrived all about Pilates on Tour – London 2012.  Balanced Body are usually at the IADMS conferences and they make such lovely Pilates equipment so I am always interested in what they are doing.  And when I read the facility list for the workshop sessions and noticed that Karen Clippenger is teaching at the conference I thought what a great opportunity.  So I am all signed up to attend one of her sessions on rotator cuff and shoulder impingement.  Lots of other great sessions at the conference too but as always choices have to be made.  I know when I attend the ones I have chosen (I am sure they will be wonderful) I will also be curious about the sessions I am missing.  It is always like this at conferences – so much good stuff goes on and we can only be in one place at a time.

So I am looking forward to my workshop with one of the authors of this book.  I will report back in due course.  In the meantime Pilates Anatomy is a very welcome addition to my library of books.