Calling Line dance teachers

I hafoot exercisesve some info about Line dancing on my decodanz website under the leisure dance menu that you might be interested in if you teach Line dancing.  On the Line dance pages you can find a brief guide to Line dance levels, some video ‘how to’ tips and information about hosting workshops for Line dance teachers.  You can also find a FREE foot exercise chart to download from the Freebies page – a great way to keep your feet in condition before and after Line dancing.  These exercises are suitable for others too.

On the Freebies page you can also download a FREE copy of my Line dance basics chart.  This chart is suitable for beginners (and anyone else interested) to remind them what some of the basic movements are such as a touch, hitch and toe strut.

A lot of the focus in Line dancing is on dances and not the how, what or why of teaching.  I hope that by providing some tips and hints about teaching and safe dance practice related to Line dancing that encourages teachers to explore it and incorporate aspects of it in their teaching.

3 thoughts on “Calling Line dance teachers

  1. I’m not an instructor, but as a line dancer who doesn’t want to mess up his body any more than it already is I’ll definitely give this resources a look! 🙂

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