Benefits of Warming Up for Line Dancing

You can encourage your Line dancers to do a short but very beneficial warm up before they start a Line dance session.  By making it part of the class and something that they do before getting on the dance floor at socials you will be helping your dancers to reduce their risk of injury as well as getting their mind and body ready to dance.

A Line dance warm up does not need to be the sort of warm up that you would do before a high impact aerobic session.  It is better to incorporate basic Line dance movements and steps that offer all the things that a Line dance warm up needs.  And by using basic Line dance movements your dancers are practising actual Line dance technique and they can see the connection between the warm up and the dances that they do later.  From a teaching viewpoint the warm up is a really good time to remind your dancers of safety tips that they can practise during the warm up and then put into dances later.

There are some Line dance warm up ideas and information on a short presentation available on the Video Teaching Tips for Line Dance Teachers page on my website.

Line dance teachers can help Line dancers to benefit from doing regular warm ups before class.  By doing a regular Line dance warm up Line dancers will accept that a warm up is something that they need to do before they dance.