Rita Hayworth – Stayin’ Alive

I received this link to a wonderful edited video that is so cleverly put together. It just goes to show that modern music and dancing greats from the past go together beautifully. Sit back and enjoy watching Rita Hayworth from the 1940s dancing with Fred Astaire and other great dancers of the 1940s and dancers of the mid 1970s. It is all brilliantly edited to the rhythms and lyrics of the Bee Gees music – we can learn a thing or two about timing and musicality here. Enjoy.

Rita Hayworth – Stayin’ Alive


2 thoughts on “Rita Hayworth – Stayin’ Alive

  1. =D I love watching dancing to music that seems like it won’t pair up well. Two different genres always go surprisingly well together.

  2. Yes it is amazing how dance and music that is not expected to go together fits so fabulously.

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