ethicsdance site – links fixed

I was reminded this morning how much we rely on others in the online world. My ethicsdance site has a downloads page where articles about ethics and dance are available to download. I check the links from time to time and last time I checked they were working fine. But I had an email this morning from someone trying to download some of the articles only to find the links broken. I checked and sure enough none of them were working – weird.

I have re-established all the links now and I took the opportunity to add a copy of the presentation slides of my IADMS presentation in 2010 – something I have meant to do for a while. So this email from a stranger has helped me to fix links and add new content to the site. Where would we be without people interested enough to not be put off when something does not work? By emailing me the problem is fixed so that the downloads on the site work again and anyone visiting the site will now be able to download these articles once more.

It is a fascinating world this online dance teaching community. We may not know each other in person but we can interact and share information, knowledge and expertise and so help each other to develop. The curiosity and interest that we have for our profession helps us to keep learning and developing and online interaction can play a very valuable part in this.

So if you have a snippet of useful learning to share or notice that something on this blog or my websites is not working then please let me know. You can leave comments on a post on this blog or you can email me via the websites.