Teaching dance skills

This book is one of my favourite books about teaching dance.

Teaching Dance Skills: A Motor Learning and Development Approach by Marliese Kimmerle and Paulette Côté-Laurence.

My own copy of this book is so well worn that I am going to have a get another copy soon.  Originally this book was published by Michael J Ryan Publishing Inc but it was not re-printed and became difficult to get.  Today copies are available from some online stores at huge prices but the book is actually available from Windsor University in Canada and it can be purchased from the University bookstore at a much more reasonable cost of $40 plus shipping (plus any duty or taxes).

The book offers such useful models and information relating to effective teaching, teaching novice dance learners, teaching children, selecting dance skills and how to provide feedback.  It is an easy book to read and understand and all dance teachers should read it – great CPD.