Books for Sale

In an earlier post I mentioned the wonderful book Teaching Dance Skills: A Motor Learning and Development Approach by Marliese Kimmerle and Paulette Côté. My own copy was so worn that I decided to buy another copy. Getting it shipped from Canada is very expensive so I ordered a few extra copies (which helps to share out the cost of shipping).

I have two copies of Teaching Dance Skills left and you can buy one copy for £42.70 including P&P (to UK address only). This is such a good investment as the information contained in the 223 pages is invaluable in helping us understand more about how dance students learn and how we can teach them more effectively. I have purchased a second copy because I have used my first copy so much – I would not want to be without a copy of this book to hand when I am working with dance teachers to enhance their understanding and skills. So if you want to have your own copy then get in touch with me asap – see below.

Used book available

I have a second-hand copy of Sally Fitt’s Dance Kinesiology (1988) to sell. Another fabulous book for dance teachers – it has some pencil notes written on a few pages which were there when I purchased it and they did not cause me any problems reading it. I have just treated myself to the latest edition of this book (at great expense) and so I thought that someone might like to buy my used copy as it is a great way to get a copy of this amazing book at a low price. The price including P&P (to UK address only) is £10.

To buy either of these books you can email me via the contact us link on my decodanz website.