Ethics and dance thesis

Ethical Issues in the Training and Development of Dance Teachers in the Private Sector

Title page

My PhD thesis is now available to download for free from my ethicsdance website. I hope you will download it and read the bits that interest you.

The following two chapters should be interesting for anyone teaching dance even if you are not interested in the chapters about the data collection, analysis and presentation.

A history of private sector dance teaching is explored including contrasting reflections on pedagogy with the development of dance teaching in the public sector. Traditional dance teaching practice, surveillance and docile bodies, current dance teaching practices and dance pedagogy are in chapter two.

Chapter six introduces ethical codes or codes of practice and considers the purpose and virtues of them.

For codes to be of use to us, we need to take them seriously and internalise them so that we all benefit from them. We need to take them into our hearts, embrace them and embody them within our practices so that they become as much a part of our teaching as, say, our knowledge of the dance content and technique.

Sho Botham 2012

I hope you enjoy this thesis and the topics it explores.

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