Short Online CPD Courses – booking from outside UK

Following some enquiries about the short online CPD for dance teachers courses, I want to answer some questions that have arisen that you might be wondering about too.

Can I book on a course if I am outside of UK?

Yes, these courses offer you the opportunity to participate in this CPD whether or not you are based in the UK or not. Please note that you need to have regular access to a computer during the course/s to view course materials, send and receive emails and download PDF files. Check the Information Sheets and Booking Form for further details.

Can I send payment from outside of UK?

Yes, banking details (sort code and account number) for payment are on the Booking form. Banks in different parts of the world need different information. Some countries can use UK bank sort codes and account numbers to send international payments to UK and others need specific international codes and numbers. I can send these to you should your bank need them so please contact me and I can send you the international bank codes that you need to send your payment. It goes something like this. Outside the UK but within Europe some banks may ask you for an IBAN (international bank account number). Outside of Europe your bank may ask you for a BIC (bank identifier code) and/or a SWIFT (intermediary Bank number). The BIC and IBAN are international equivalents of UK bank sort codes and account numbers and the SWIFT number is used when a bank uses a routing services of an Agent bank for international payments as mine does. It is not as complicated as it seems (apparently). As I say, please contact me if you need any of the international bank codes or numbers to make your payment for your course/s and I will send it/them to you.

When making an international payment you need to meet any bank fees that your bank charges. This ensures that the full amount £49 for each course is received by my bank. Banks often have at least two levels of charges for overseas payments. It is usually much cheaper if you choose to send the payment via a slower payment. Say, over say five days and not one or two days. Ask your bank what the charges are and give yourself plenty of time when booking so you can take advantage of the cheaper charges.

Another way you might reduce any bank charges is when there is a group of you wanting to book courses. You may want to get together and consider sending one payment for the group booking and in this way keep any bank charges as low as possible. You would still send each booking to me as outlined in the booking form but the payment could be made from the group and you would let me know who the payments are for.

Can I book more than one course?

Yes you can. The information sheets give you the time commitment required for each course. Once you have read the information sheets you can book one or both courses. You could book one starting in April and the other for the June start date. This enables you to take both courses over a reasonably short period.

Can I take both courses at the same time?

Yes you can take both courses at the same time. Before choosing to take them both together you need to be sure that you have sufficient time to devote to doing two courses at the same time. If you are confident that you have enough time available then of course you can take two courses at the same time.

Can I sign up for notifications about future courses from CPD for Dance Teachers?

Yes you can sign up to get notifications of any new posts published on the site. On the sidebar on the right-hand side of this post you should see options to:

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Following this blog means that you will be first to know about future courses when they are added as well as receiving posts about dance teacher related topics. You can also leave comments about posts or ask questions via the comments facility.

If you have other questions please use the comment facility here on the site or contact me by email and I will do my best to answer them.

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