Thinking about a dance teacher CPD course?

MP900439364This year is already passing quickly and here we are at the end of the first week in April already. The first short, online CPD courses start in 10 days on Friday 17 April 2015. So there is still time to sign up for either:

Aspects of Anatomy for Dance Teachers: exploring basic shoulder anatomy and function in dance.

In dance we tend to talk about placing and moving the arms and not focusing on the shoulder joint where the movement occurs. So, in this course, we will explore the basic anatomy of this vital joint and then focus on how it functions in dance. You will consider ways of incorporating teaching methods that aim to improve shoulder alignment and movement into your own teaching practice.


Learning and Teaching Dance: tension and rigidity in dance.

First we will reflect on how tension and rigidity are often taught or encouraged as a way of achieving control in dance. This might relate to a rigid and tense posture or use of tension and tightness to support the arms or perhaps tensing the feet when dancing. Then we will explore methods and approaches relating to your own dance teaching practices that should help to develop control in your students’ technique and performance without relying on tension and rigidity.

Download Information Sheets and Booking Form.

Certificate of completion

These courses are only £49 (GBP) each and offer terrific value. A certificate showing the date of completion will be sent to teachers following completion of a course. These certificates are useful to show students and their families that you are doing CPD. They also provide evidence for dance teaching bodies requiring evidence of CPD you have completed.

Next course dates

If you wish to take one of the two courses above but cannot sign up for the courses starting in April then you can book for the same two courses beginning on Friday 12 June 2015. Download the Information Sheets and Booking Form.

Teachers from around the world

One of the benefits of doing an online course is that you can do it from anywhere in world as long as you have access to a computer and can send and receive emails and PDF files. Thank you to the teachers from around the world who have signed up for the first courses. I am really looking forward to working with each of you.