CPD online courses start Friday

studentFriday 17 April is the start of the first two short online CPD courses for dance teachers. If you are thinking about taking one or both of the courses then you still have time to sign up if you hurry.

Please check the details via the links below to the following earlier posts:

Information about short online CPD courses

Booking short online CPD courses

Booking courses from outside UK

If you are not ready to take one of the April courses, don’t forget you can sign up for courses starting in June. All the information for both April and June courses are on the information and booking sheets. Details via the links above.

Changes to CPD for Dance Teachers URL and email address

Please note that you no longer need to include ‘WordPress’ in the URL for this site. You can simply use:


You can also email me at:

sho @ cpdfordanceteachers.com

(please remove the spaces after sho and before @ when sending an email) and your email will be forwarded to me.

You can also continue to use my usual email addresses from my decodanz and ethicsdance sites. Don’t worry if you forget the change to the URL the use the old URL including “WordPress” will still be recognised and you will still end up on the CPD for Dance Teachers site.

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