Foot on ball

Did you know that the foot has over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments?

Do you know what the main functions of the foot are?

Find some more basic foot facts in my Focus on Feet  free to download below.

As well as foot facts, Focus on Feet gives you some ideas for foot conditioning exercises. You can share these with your students and of course, you can do them yourself too.

These conditioning exercises can be used before dancing or teaching. They are suitable as part of a warm up, as part of a cool down and to do any other time your feet need some easing out or toning up. I have used these and other foot conditioning exercises very successfully with all levels of dancers from beginner, social dancers through to elite performers.

As a dance teacher you may not always set time aside to do some conditioning for your feet and teaching exercises like these enables you to spend a little time doing the exercises along with your students. So both you and your students benefit from doing these conditioning exercises.

The feet of dancers and dance teachers have a lot of work to do and it is reasonable that in return for all that work they like to have a bit of looking after. Doing some simple foot exercises on a regular basis can help to keep your feet happy.

Focus on Feet

Download my Focus on Feet today.