CPD courses in planning

I mentioned in a previous post that I would give you some information about new courses and ask for your comments about them before they become part of the list of courses available to take online with me. Well here they are. Two potential new courses in the Learning and Teaching Dance category that I am looking at for after the summer:

Teaching social dance

Teaching social dance would explore teaching methods and approaches appropriate for teachers of social dance. Recognising that the fun and enjoyment aspect of social dancing is usually what dancers want to focus on we would look at ways of teaching that help the dancer to learn effectively and safely whilst still enjoying their hobby. There would be lots of useful teaching tips shared throughout the three week course. An opportunity to plan and deliver a session with personal email tutorial feedback would be a valuable part of this short online CPD course for dance teachers.


Exploring and developing proprioception

Proprioception balance on one legBeing able to sense the body and limbs in space is vital for dancers and dance students. Proprioception is often referred to as the dancer’s sixth sense. This short online CPD course for dance teachers would explore proprioception in relation to dance and your specific dance genre. We would then explore ways of developing, enhancing and maintaining proprioceptive skills in the dance student and dancer. An opportunity to plan and teach a class focusing on proprioception with email tutorial feedback would be a vital aspect of this three week CPD course.

Can you help?

It would be of enormous help if you could let me know via the comment facility or by email if you prefer, if either of these two courses are of interest to you. Obviously I want to develop future courses that give dance teachers like yourself opportunities to fill knowledge gaps, explore new topics or review aspects of teaching.


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  1. interested surely subject to time availability. both sound interesting.

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