June CPD courses completed

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A big thank you to those teachers among you who have just completed the June short online CPD for dance teachers courses. Once again the commitment to doing the courses and the development that has taken place fills me with joy. Working with people who have open minds and want to develop their skills and understanding is always inspiring. Well done everyone.

These short online courses are working out well and feedback is very encouraging. The length of them is sufficient for positive development to take place. And from the tutorials it appears that this development has a long-term, positive impact on planning for teaching as well as teaching approaches and methods. This is an excellent outcome from the courses for teachers and their students.

I hope to welcome some of you who have taken these short online CPD for dance teachers courses starting in April or June to new courses starting in September. Please watch out for details of these courses coming soon.

2 thoughts on “June CPD courses completed

  1. Hi Donna

    Thanks for visiting the site and asking your question. CPD is Continuing professional development – so in dance teaching it refers to the ongoing development that dance teachers do to maintain, progress and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to their dance teaching practices. CPD takes many forms and the short online CPD courses that I offer are one way that dance teachers around the world, from many dance genres, can achieve some CPD. The course list for September will be posted on the site soon and I am looking to include a course exploring teaching matters in social and leisure dance teaching. The short online CPD courses that I offer are open to all dance teachers.

    There is further information about CPD on the site early on when I first started the blog. But you have given me an idea to write a new piece about CPD and dance teaching. So thank you for that and watch out for a new post on CPD very soon.


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