Dance moments from the past

I love to look back at great moments of dance, don’t you? I came across these videos from the 1940s and thought you would enjoy them too.

Jitterbug and Jive

We begin with a video showing first the Jitterbug and then the Jive which dance teacher presenter, Josephine Bradley, describes in the film as having evolved from the Jitterbug.“>Introduction of Jive to UK in the 1940s.

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

Now here’s a wonderful moment where two dance giants of motion pictures, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire perform a comedy song and dance number in the film Zeigfeld Follies. Apparently this was the only time that Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire appeared on screen together, in their prime.“>The Babbitt and the Bromide

Eleanor Powell

Fascinatin’ Rhythm from the 1941 film, Lady Be Good, shows the tremendous tap dancing talents of Eleanor Powell. Her turns are pretty awesome too.“>Fascinatin’ Rhythm

I hope you enjoyed watching these video clips. I will look for some others to post from time to time.