Not much time left until September courses start

If you are thinking about signing up for one or more of the courses starting on 25 September then you still have time.

I will give you the links below to the earlier information posts about the courses as well as booking and payment details.

September courses details

More details about September courses

Booking your CPD course

Remember these short online courses only cost £49 (Sterling) per person – dance teachers from around the world take these courses. This is extremely good value and includes a Certificate of Completion that gives the course hours and completion date. Some dance teachers have used their Completion Certificate to satisfy their awarding body of taking external CPD.

Next course dates after September

I have been asked a few times about the dates for the next short online CPD courses for dance teachers. The dates are not set yet but they will be in the early part of next year.

If you don’t want to wait until next year to take a short CPD course then why not sign up today for a course starting on 25th of this month?