Courses start on Friday

This latest group of courses start on Friday. If you are still wondering about taking one or more courses then please get your booking form in and payment made and cleared before Friday.

I am excited about the two brand new courses starting on Friday.

The importance of dance teachers understanding the difference in approach to teaching social and leisure dance and syllabus or serious career-type dance is essential. I was brought up the elite dance route where we worked hard to develop and perfect our skills. And while this worked for serious dance students this approach does not work when teaching dance as a social or leisure pastime. The different skills that teachers need and use when teaching these different types of dance are considerable. And I would recommend that dance teachers focusing on the serious side of dance learning spend at least a little time teaching social or leisure dance to develop a whole range of dance teaching skills that can be adapted for teaching elite students too. These additional skills can be quite eye-opening for teachers not used to the social dance approach to teaching. So, if you have not considered teaching a more social type of dance class then why not put it on your list of things to do? You never know, you might find it very enjoyable.

New pathDance teaching ethics is something very close to my heart and something that I believe is fundamental and vital to all dance teaching. Considering and reflecting on what we do and how we do it in dance teaching helps us to be better teachers and encourages a person or student-centred approach to our teaching. I have been studying ethics in relation to dance and particularly dance teaching for well over 20 years now (can it really be that long?) and it becomes more fascinating and more useful as time goes by. Dance teaching ethics should become an essential part of dance teacher education and development and I hope that one day this will be the case. For now, I hope you will join me on a journey introducing you to the fascinating world of dance teaching ethics.