Trainee teachers taking CPD courses

studentI get enquiries from dance teachers in training asking if it is possible for them to take the Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers. these enquiries arise because they are still training to become a dance teacher and wonder if trainee teachers are welcome on the courses.

The answer is, yes, trainee dance teachers are very welcome to take these CPD courses. If you are a trainee dance teacher and want to take these CPD courses then as long as you can plan (as part of the course) and organise the class to teach in week three of your course then no problem. If you are in training them you may need to teach a class that is not actually your own class but for the purpose of the courses and your development this should not be a problem, as long as you check with the school or institution that they are happy for you to teach a class as part of your course.

Trainee teachers who have already taken these courses have found them useful for their training because they explore aspects of dance teaching that are not syllabus and touch on topics not necessarily covered in basic dance teacher training.

If you are a dance teacher in training, why not check out the current course dates?


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  1. Thank you for your interest Jeanene. I have emailed you.

    All of the courses are suitable for and open to dance teachers in all dance genres. Line dance teachers who want to explore and enhance broader issues relating to teaching Line dancing. for Line dance teachers who teaching older people then I can recommend the Teaching dance to older people as a particularly useful course.

    Warm wishes

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