Courses starting October 2016

There are two courses running next month in October 2016. They are available to book and pay online until Monday 3 October 2016 (the closing date for October course bookings). If you want to take either or both of these courses then don’t forget to book by the closing date as bookings cannot be accepted after Monday (UK time).

The two courses for October are:


Learning and Teaching Dance: Teaching dance to older people

dancingRead a previous post about the Teaching dance to older people courses here



Safe Dance Teaching Practice: Proprioception

Proprioception balance on one legA fascinating aspect of dance. We begin by exploring the ‘sixth sense’ or ‘awareness of one’s own body in space’ and during the course consider ways to develop and enhance this in the dance students you teach. We also explore teaching techniques for dance students with reduced proprioception such as those with hypermobility syndrome. Planning and teaching a session or class focusing on developing and enhancing proprioception in the dance class enables an opportunity to apply this understanding in your dance teaching practice.

Information sheets

You can download information sheets about these courses and the time commitment required over the three weeks of the courses from the Short Online Courses page.

Book courses online until Monday 3 October (UK time) for courses starting Friday 14 October 2016