Teaching Dance for Health


It is exciting that Dance for Health is becoming more widespread and more acknowledged today.

I always had an interest in the health aspects of dancers and dance. So it is not surprising that in addition to my dance and dance teaching career and qualifications I chose to also study health education and over time gained various qualifications including a Masters Degree in Health Education. This gave me a very good grounding in health education and promotion and led to me blending together aspects of my dance and health education roles to become a Dance & Health Education Consultant.

I have been teaching Dance for Health type classes for well over 25 years and as a dance teacher who started out teaching serious and elite dance students looking to follow a competitive or career minded path, learning about teaching Dance for Health came with a whole different agenda and set of teaching priorities.

If you are joining me on my brand new course Teaching Dance for Health then I look forward to sharing with you some of things I have learned from my work in both dance and health and to helping you to explore what Teaching Dance for Health has to offer.


Teaching Dance for Health is relevant for all ages and dance genres. We will explore and focus on ways to promote the health and social benefits of learning dance within a Dance for Health environment.

Closing date for Teaching Dance for Health course is Wednesday 30 January 2019.

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