What have you read recently that has added to your CPD?

IMG_7360CPD covers many aspects of learning and review. I find reading an important aspect of CPD. There are so many wonderful books, journals, online and other materials out there for dance teachers to read and absorb. If it is a book then I don’t tend to read this type of book from cover to cover in page order the way I might read a fiction book. Instead I dip into it, perhaps reading a chapter on a particular topic, a few pages or even a paragraph or two on something of interest or with relevance to other stuff I am exploring.

We can distinguish the difference between reading something that has a CPD value and those that don’t. When I read for CPD I have my student hat on. What I mean by this is that I am actively engaged in learning about the topic or reviewing the topic. Either way I am adding to or reviewing my existing knowledge and understanding. When I read in this way it is all about making connections. Connecting new knowledge and understanding with what is already there. If you are a dance teacher at the beginning of your teaching career then you may be laying down some of the foundational knowledge that you will continue to build on through CPD over the years ahead. With CPD reading there is an element of retention and contributing to your own personal knowledge base. In contrast if you read something but are not actively engaged, not intending to retain any of it, not making connections with existing knowledge and understanding , not with your student hat on then it is unlikely that you are reading for CPD purposes.

IMG_7361Opening yourself up to doing CPD reading can be a very useful way to develop your knowledge and understanding as a dance teacher. Reading one thing might lead on to other avenues of CPD reading that you hadn’t thought of. It can be like opening treasure chests of knowledge and understanding that can contribute to you continuing to develop into the  best dance teacher you can be.

  • What have you read recently that has added to your CPD?
  • What has inspired you from your CPD reading?
  • What connections have you made from your CPD reading?
  • Have you got a favourite CPD article, book or paper that you return to time and time again and continue to learn from it?

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You can leave comments below about CPD reading. Why not share your CPD favourites?