Free dance teacher wellbeing sessions with Sho

Free Monthly sessions enjoying energising movement and some mindful relaxation

For several months, last year during lockdown and beyond Sho held weekly Free Mindful Relaxation sessions for dance teachers on Zoom. Now we are back in lockdown it was time to consider doing something similar to help dance teachers focus on themselves for an hour to do something positive for their own wellbeing. On Monday of this week Sho led a session in energising movement and some mindful relaxation. Teachers enjoyed the feel good benefits of the session and some lovely messages have since been received. Sho has agreed to offer some more of these FREE sessions for dance teachers on a monthly basis until further notice.

Join Sho for a FREE Zoom session for dance teachers doing some energising movement and mindful relaxation

Enjoy, energise, escape and focus on your own wellbeing

Zoom invitations will be sent out on the weekend before each Monday 10am (UK time) session – so a day or two before the session. Dates for the next three sessions are:

Monday 15 February 2021

Monday 15 March 2021

Monday 12 April 2021

Please check latest posts on this site for current sessions

All sessions start at 10am (UK time)

If you booked onto the session earlier this week, you will receive an email about these new dates.

If you didn’t book the session on Monday 18 January and want to attend the new sessions from February to April please send a message via the Contact tab above or just leave a message in the comment facility of this post (no need to give your email address in your message as it will be picked up by the comment facility) saying that you want to attend and you will be sent an acknowledgement and then the Zoom link for the sessions in due course.

We hope to see you at the next Free session with Sho on Monday 15 February.

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