You can still book until end of Friday 22 January (UK time)

Bookings close for January 2021 courses on Friday

Teaching Dance to Older People (TOP) is a popular course with dance teachers. It is a great way to explore teaching dance to older people or to enhance your understanding of teaching this group of dance learners. We look at some key issues to consider when teaching older people as well as exploring some of the potential health and social benefits that dance can offer this population.

Positive Psychology for Dance Teachers: an introduction (PP) joined the list of Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers last year. You might find the quotes about PP here useful. This PP course shows you ways to bring PP into your dance teaching and in this way aim to help your dance learners to flourish as people as well as dancers.

During Covid restrictions and lockdowns when many dance teachers cannot teach in person an alternative reflective task is available for week 3. So don’t worry if you cannot do the taught session or teach your class for week 3, you can do the alternative reflective task instead. If you are teaching online and wish to teach your session online for week 3 that will work too. We have provided these options to help you to be able to continue to achieve CPD during these challenging times.

When will these course run again?
Teachers often ask when courses will be offered again. It is expected that Teaching Dance to Older People and Positive Psychology for Dance teachers: an introduction, will next be run during the coming autumn or winter.

Book a Course
You can book any of the courses currently listed on the Book a Course page – the current list is for courses running between now and April 2021 (dates and details via Book A Course page). After Friday the following Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers will still be available to book:
Child Development for Dance Teachers
Mindfulness in Dance Teaching
Teaching Dance for Health
Teaching the Adolescent Dancer