Courses available to book now

After a break over the UK summer, there are now three short online CPD courses for dance teachers available to book.

You can book places, now, on these courses running from 29 October to 18 November. Some teachers take two courses at the same time and this can work well if you have time. Each course requires about 10 hours work over the three weeks. This includes delivering your taught session or class in week 3. Courses available to book are:

Tension & Rigidity in Dance

Teaching dance to older people


As some countries still have lockdowns or restrictions in place we are continuing with an alternative reflective task for week 3 if you are unable to teach your planned class due to these restrictions or lockdowns, you can choose to do the alternative reflective task.

This group of short online CPD courses for dance teachers are the last ones for 2021 so book now if you want to do some CPD this year. The courses for 2022 will commence in February.

Check out the booking page.

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