John Curry – ice dancer

Tribute to Fred Astaire

I came across this video of the wonderful, late, John Curry, ice dancer extraordinaire. His tribute to Fred Astaire offers so many lovely dance and artistic moments.

A genius of control as well as artistry, John Curry’s performances were breathtaking. I have added a few videos that offer some more of his artistic inspiration.

This link is to John Curry’s performance from 1976 Innsbruck Olympics. I first became a fan of his amazing ice dance qualities after seeing this performance. His poise, strength, technique, rhythmic artistry and those clean landings from every jump, all made to look effortless – such a joy to watch.

The video below from 1979 is Les Patineurs.

In Scheherazade, below the dancer shines through along with his stunning quality of movement. Again his musicality and dancing from the soul is striking.

The beautiful clean lines of his Skater’s Waltz are a delight, as is the connection between the two ice dancers.

The ice dance numbers listed above are wonderful examples in flow and musicality from John Curry. The Skater’s Waltz showcases his talent as an ice dance partner with JoJo Starbuck from 1981.

True lessons in performance.