Safer Dance guidance

You might be aware of my involvement in delivering CPD presentation and sessions looking at Child Protection for Dance Teachers presentations and sessions back in the early 2000s. I lost count of the number of these sessions I did back then. There were many interesting conversations that happened as a result of these sessions. It was a time of change.

Fast forward to today when I have agreed to become a member of the Dance School Safeguarding Working Group (DSSWG). This working group of professionals from dance, education and safeguarding sectors supports the implementation of guidance published by the UK government about keeping children safe during community activities, after-school clubs and tuition. The Dance School Safeguarding Working Group is a collective voice promoting high standards of safeguarding in the Dance School sector to protect children and young adults.

I am delighted to join this working group and to support the work it is doing. Having professionals from different sectors coming together in this way for safeguarding in dance can only be a good way forward. Developing consistency in high standards of safeguarding across dance organisations, dance schools and dance events is something we can all work towards.

Why not take a look at the site for the working group and find out more about what is happening?

You can download guidance on Preventing Abuse in Positions of Trust in Dance and also a Safer Guide to recruiting a Specialist Dance Teacher.

I hope you find these guidance documents useful in helping you with safeguarding issues in dance.