Free wellbeing for dance teachers – Monday 14 June 2021

Get the Zoom link for Monday’s session with Sho. Come and join us.

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Free wellbeing for dance teachers – Monday 10 May 2021

Do you want to join us? Get the Zoom link for tomorrow’s session with Sho.

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Free wellbeing for dance teachers continues

After our lovely free session last week, I asked everyone if they wanted to continue with these monthly wellbeing sessions and it was a definite yes.

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Free wellbeing session for dance teachers Monday 12 April

Our next FREE session for dance teachers is on Monday 12 April. Will you be joining us?

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Dance Communication and Cultural Education

This is something I wrote in 1995 for a Transcultural Studies Module when I was studying for my Masters Degree in Health Education. I have edited the very formal way of writing that we had to follow at that time such as substituting ‘I’ for ‘the writer’.


“Long before the dawn of history, long before he could sing or even speak, man danced. Moving to his own internal rhythms, the pounding of his heart, the beating of his pulse, primitive man discovered dance. It is within us, always.”

Gene Kelly – from the film that’s dancing (1985)


In this paper, I examine aspects of dance as a form of communication and as an aid to teaching about different cultures, in particular, the contribution that dance can make to the cultural education of school children. I discuss my own experiences of dance as a universal, nonverbal, language. Brinson (1993) in his book entitled Dance as Education wrote:-

Through cultural education, dance:

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