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Thank you for your interest in my short online CPD courses for dance teachers. You can book any of the courses listed below – please be sure to book by the closing date.

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Courses available to book now:
* Positive psychology for dance teachers: an introduction
* Proprioception

Courses start, Friday 6 January 2023
Courses finish: Thursday 26 January 2023

Positive psychology for dance teachers: an introduction

Closing date for booking: Friday 23 December 2022



Closing date for booking: Friday 23 December 2022


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Taking more than one course at a time:

If you want to take two courses at the same time, as a number of teachers have done very successfully before, please ensure that you have sufficient time available to accommodate doing two courses together. Please note that there is a class to teach in week three for each course that you take.

Changes to course fees from May 2022

The Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers have been running for over eight years – they are just going into the ninth year. In all that time, costs have been kept deliberately, very low in order to support dance teachers explore the bigger picture when it comes to CPD and what it has to offer dance teachers and their students. I am very passionate about helping and supporting dance teachers. So over the years, as a sort of ‘putting my money where my mouth is’ statement, I have absorbed a lot of the costs of running these courses including time required in providing personal feedback to each dance teacher who takes one or more of these courses with me. I have known for some time that I would need to start charging a much more realistic price for these courses and the personal service they offer to dance teachers. But I have held off as long as I could before introducing new fees.

When the new course fees come into being, you will continue to receive the same great service, and of course, my personal attention and feedback on all the courses you take. In other words, they will still be excellent value for money. Course fees will be £99 per course for all courses. These changes apply to any courses from 1 May 2022.