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Exciting news!

Courses for March and April 2017 are available to book now.

General information is available about courses on the Short Online Courses page. The brand new course Mindfulness in Dance Teaching will have an information sheet available shortly.


Book a course now

j0308887Click here to book your place on a November short online CPD courses for dance teachers.

Please note that the closing date for the November courses is Monday 31 October 2016.

For general information about the short online CPD courses for dance teachers click here.



24 days until closing date



You still have about 24 days to book your place on the April 2016 short online CPD courses for dance teachers. Please remember that the closing date for bookings is Wednesday 6 April 2016 with the courses starting on Friday 22 April and completing on Thursday 12 May 2016.


The two courses running in April are:

Dance Teaching Ethics: an introduction


Aspects of Anatomy: exploring basic shoulder anatomy and function in dance

Further details are available here or click on the image in the sidebar to the right.

Ballet shoes for black ballet dancers

I read an interesting article on the BBC website this morning about Eric Underwood, soloist from the Royal Ballet and the difficulties he has faced getting flesh coloured ballet shoes to tone with his black skin. The article explains how non-white ballet dancers have been using make-up on their shoes for years so that they tone with their skin. Click on the link below to read the article on BBC site to see how this problem is being resolved  for Eric and others.

Why don’t they make shoes for black ballet dancers?


From Eric’s video (via BBC site) showing him applying pancake make-up to his shoes