Useful articles about injury risk and recovery

Here are links to a couple of articles from Dance Magazine about risk and recovery from injury. I am sure you will find them interesting.

There is a lot of good information available today about helping dancers, dance students and dance teachers to pay attention to safe dance practice and consider dancer health and wellbeing during training. Continue reading

Useful articles

_MG_0750I thought it was time to point you in the direction of some of the previous articles from

Feet are very important for dancers (and dance teachers) so I hope you will download the Focus on Feet exercises as well as reading the article and watching the short video about alignment of the Achilles.


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Teaching dance to older people

This is an area of dance that I did not intentionally get involved with but I am so glad that I did. Teaching older adults became popular through the exercise and fitness arena with the groups referred to as:

  • 50 plus
  • TOFFS (The over fifty fives)
  • Golden age
  • Gold
  • Seniors
    and so on…

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Short video – Alignment of the Achilles

Below is a short video presentation to help you to develop your observation skills and understanding about the alignment of the Achilles tendon and the part of the foot called the tarsus. I trust that you will find it useful for you and your dance students.




April 2016 Courses

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Foot on ball

Did you know that the foot has over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments?

Do you know what the main functions of the foot are?

Find some more basic foot facts in my Focus on Feet  free to download below.

As well as foot facts, Focus on Feet gives you some ideas for foot conditioning exercises. You can share these with your students and of course, you can do them yourself too.

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Pointe readiness

When can I start pointe work? – is a question that dance teachers often struggle to answer when asked it by their students. Is it as simple as a single age or a certain amount of time spent in ballet training? Approaches to when students might begin pointe work have changed considerably since the 1920s and 1930s when children as young as four or five years old were put en pointe.

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Update – new short CPD online courses start April

MP900439364For a variety of reasons a year has passed since mentioning the new online CPD for Dance Teachers short courses that I am working on. I won’t bore you with why this has happened but I do want to thank everyone who has contacted me and shown such great interest in these courses This is very encouraging. At long last these new short CPD courses are going to get underway on Friday 17 April 2015 with the following two courses: Continue reading

Christmas pressie book

I am still dipping in and out of Dance Medicine in Practice – the latest addition to my library of learning resources. So this is not the review that I have promised. That is still to come. I just want to say that if you are wondering about a useful Christmas present then you won’t go wrong with this book.

Dance Medicine in Practice

There are lots of illustrations and pictures and these help with understanding. Dance people often find they respond well to visual learning so demonstrated exercises and where to wrap the therabands is very useful. The dance focus of the anatomy is great and   I am enjoying reading the chapter on the hip joint at the moment. Such a vital area for us to understand and incorporate into our teaching. This book is full of knowledge clearly understood by the author, medical doctor and osteopath, Lianne Simmel who is also a former professional dancer. As I say, a great book and well worth asking Santa for a copy.

My latest book purchase

Dance Medicine in PracticeMy copy of Liane Simmel’s book ‘Dance Medicine in Practice’ (newly translated into English) and published by Routledge has just arrived. I love the anticipation of opening a brand new book. When I heard that Liane’s book was now available in I immediately ordered it and at first glance, it certainly does not disappoint.

This post is about my first impressions of this book as I have yet to read it. But flicking through the sections and pages it seems well thought out and offers a lot of useful information as one would expect from a medical doctor, osteopath and former professional dancer who specialises in dance medicine.

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A Day for Dance Teachers

As you know CPD is such an important part of being a dance teacher today. This one day course explores key aspects of safe and effective dance teaching practice.

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Research into Highland and Irish dancing

I was delighted to read on the UKA website that two funded, research projects are being carried out as part of three post-graduate Masters Physiotherapy (pre-registration) dissertations exploring the impact forces of Irish and Highland dancing and the potential influences on skeletal health, as well as quantifying their energy expenditure during their routines.

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