John Curry – ice dancer

Tribute to Fred Astaire

I came across this video of the wonderful, late, John Curry, ice dancer extraordinaire. His tribute to Fred Astaire offers so many lovely dance and artistic moments.

A genius of control as well as artistry, John Curry’s performances were breathtaking. I have added a few videos that offer some more of his artistic inspiration.

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Rita Hayworth – Stayin’ Alive

I received this link to a wonderful edited video that is so cleverly put together. It just goes to show that modern music and dancing greats from the past go together beautifully. Sit back and enjoy watching Rita Hayworth from the 1940s dancing with Fred Astaire and other great dancers of the 1940s and dancers of the mid 1970s. It is all brilliantly edited to the rhythms and lyrics of the Bee Gees music – we can learn a thing or two about timing and musicality here. Enjoy.

Rita Hayworth – Stayin’ Alive


Sister Act rocks

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Laughter, tears, joy and an enormous helping of the feel-good-factor is what I experienced when I went to see Sister Act at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne.  From start to finish the show was slick, beautifully staged with a fabulously enjoyable cast and not forgetting the wonderful orchestra – what a delight it is to have live music.  It was entertainment of the highest calibre.  And before I forget I just have to mention the finale costumes.  Were they fabulous or what?  It was glitz, glitz, glitz and bling, bling, bling all the way. The most glamorous glitzy nuns ever.

All of the cast gave wonderfully, believable performances.  The high energy singing and dancing reached out to us, the audience, across the orchestra pit taking us on a roller coaster of emotions.  I loved the choreography.  Especially the arm-ography (as they say) that really suited the costumes and the style of the numbers.  It was so right for the show and so together giving a brilliant visual picture.  It was such a fabulous example of dancing presented as utterly joyous and enjoyable.  I am sure many dance teachers know what it is like encouraging presentation with some va va boom from students.  Well the dancing in Sister Act had loads of style and va va boom in abundance.  It gave the show a freshness that comes when a cast are so enjoying what they do.

I think that live music really contributes to the overall experience for the audience and the performers too.  I certainly recall how much I loved performing in shows where we had musicians playing in the orchestra pit or on stage with us.  And of course when I did my training we had the luxury of having pianists play for many of our classes.  Something that many children learning to dance today don’t experience.

Getting back to Sister Act, if you want to see a show that lifts the spirit sky-high then I can throughly recommend Sister Act.