Past posts for dance teachers

Holding Daisies

In this post I am flagging up some previous posts that cover a variety of topics so you should find something that is useful for your dance teaching practice.

You can download a free performance booklet and read about why CPD is so much more than syllabus.

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CPD and motivation

One of the most useful things I was encouraged to have as a young dancer and dance teacher in training was curiosity. I have written here about curiosity before and I make no apologies for mentioning it again. Please read on.

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What a year of CPD

Learning with laptopThis is the time of year when we look back at what we have done or accomplished throughout the year. In recent years this has been a bit of nightmare for me because my PhD studies were hanging over my head – still not finished. A couple of years ago I thought I was there when I submitted my thesis but quite substantial changes were wanted and it seemed as if I would never be released from the jaws of my PhD. But not this year! I recently got my letter to say that I have passed my PhD.

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