Dance teacher lecture at conference went well

UKA muralI am back from Blackpool after an enjoyable UKA conference and meeting up with dance teachers that I usually see annually at conference. For dance teachers working independently conference is a great opportunity to learn, develop and interact with other teachers.

I want to share a brief overview of my lecture. As there are several lectures going on at one time at conference you never know if you will have a good turn out for your lecture until the moments just before your lecture is about to start. I was delighted with the sizeable group of teachers who turned up to explore teaching matters with me on Saturday. It was also good that teachers from a whole range of dance genres came along to work together on matters of teaching that apply to all dance teachers teaching whatever dance genre/s. Thank you all very much for coming along to explore these important issues with me.

The session focused on communication in dance teaching and particularly on positive communication in dance teaching. I created three aspects to the lecture:

Part 1 – giving and understanding instructions

Part 2 – positive guidance and communication in dance teaching

Part 3 – positive communication in dance teaching

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Dance teacher lecture

UKA muralThis weekend I am giving a lecture at the UKA conference in Blackpool, UK. The topic I am exploring is Teaching Matters. This session hopes to attract teachers from all dance genres. I am a great believer in bringing dance teachers from different dance genres together to develop, discuss and share good teaching practices.

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