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logoHow many times do you bookmark something to return to and then realise that you never found the time to re-visit whatever it was? I am sure this is fairly common. We intend to go back and read something or explore it and often it is something of interest or useful to our teaching practice but we never have the time to do it. So I want to remind you that the CPD for Dance Teachers blog can let you know when new posts are added. You have two choices to be kept up to date and you will find both of them in the sidebar – please note that the sidebar might be found at the bottom of the posts if you are using mobile devices like iPads and mobile phones.

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Both of these systems will keep you up to date with what is new on the blog without having to remember to visit the site or even the blog address. I find these automated systems really useful because I don’t have to worry about missing out on important or useful information. I hope you find them useful too.

Time for teacher

Dancing in your headWith everything that dance teachers need to pay attention to today it is not surprising that it can get a bit stressful at times. In amongst making sure that students are being taught safely and effectively and risk management is in place to deal with all and sundry do we find time to look after ourselves?

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Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is a wonderful way to help ourselves to develop and progress our dance teaching practice. It is a way of continually learning and developing through our own practice. At the end of a teaching session we can reflect on what we did. We can consider the things that worked well and those that did not work so well. Honesty in our reflections is vital and it can take some practise to develop the objectivity that we need. It is worth it though because our teaching benefits enormously from quality reflective practice. And our students benefit too, of course.

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ethicsdance website

ethicsdance logoEthics and dance is a fascinating area that I have studied and explored for many years.  My ethicsdance website developed from my doctoral studies into Ethical Issues in the Training and Development of Dance Teachers in the Private Sector.

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Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers

I have developed the Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers course to prepare dance teachers to take the internationally recognised Level 5 qualification in Safe and Effective Dance Practice (SEDP).  This new qualification is the result of collaboration between Trinity College London and the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). Topics include basic principles of:- anatomy and physiology; warming up and cooling down; nutrition and hydration; fitness for dancers, injury prevention and management;  posture and alignment; planning dance sessions; safe progression of exercises; reflective practice as well as the dance studio environment. These topics are explored relevant to your own dance teaching practice.  So if you are a teacher of leisure or social dance then you will focus on the topics from this perspective.  And if you teach competitive or elite performers then you will be exploring how to employ safe dance practice in this context.  Further details about his course are available from the website.