Making corrections count

ArabesqueMaking corrections count is about giving your dancers the most important correction/s that will have the most useful outcome rather than giving lots of smaller corrections that may ignore the key, fundamental correction that, when corrected, would also resolve many of the smaller issues.

We should consider what the most important correction is that we can give rather than giving a whole bunch of corrections that are likely to be very transient rather than incorporated into practice in the longer term. In my PhD thesis I wrote the following:

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Teaching with mirrors in dance class

MirrorsIt is over 10 years since I first chatted to Sally Radell at a dance medicine and science conference about her fascinating research into the use of mirrors in the dance class. Her work in this area has highlighted that mirrors can be an effective tool in the dance class but that they can also have a negative influence on how dancers evaluate their body image and their work.

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