Preparation for Performance

Many of you will have already downloaded my booklet on Preparation for Performance but if you haven’t then it is below if you want to download it.

I wrote it for Highland Dancers but the exercises. breathing and all are suitable for all dancers (and teachers). In sport they pay attention to preparing for performance instead of leaving it to chance. We can prepare for performance in dance too whether that be for examination, competitions and to make sure we can do our best in class.

You can use the mental training skills and breathing and relaxation techniques to help your students to prepare for their next performance.

Dancing in my head

I have always been a fan of dancing in my head. I was always encouraged to use imagery to help me to get the feel of a step or movement. And I find it helps me to clarify movements, steps or dances. In many ways it feels as if I am dancing it for real. And because it feels like this I can mark things through or do a full-blown performance in my head. What I find interesting about this is that studies in performance psychology show that  there is real value in mentally rehearsing as well as physically rehearsing. So when I feel as if I am dancing in my head it is because this process has a physical response too.

I might be dancing in my head but the muscles that I use to perform the movements fire up in a similar way when I am dancing for real. Professional athletes and sports people use this type of mental rehearsal a lot. Professional footballers, such as, will mentally rehearse taking a penalty and when they do this it is as if they are actually taking the penalty. They will go through the process in their head seeing and feeling it all as if they were on the pitch taking a real penalty. The connection between mental and physical rehearsal and performance is a valuable tool to have and to use.

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Preparation for Performance

Prep for performance

You can download a free copy of my Preparation for Performance for Highland Dancers.  The non dance techniques introduced in this book aim to be an effective aid to enhancing performance.  If you are a dancer and want to have an edge on your fellow Highland dancing competitors then this book is for you.  If you are a teacher then encourage your dancers to learn and use these non dance techniques to help them to cope with the pressures of competition.

If you do not do or teach Highland dancing then don’t worry, these non dance technique skills and tips are easily transferrable to other dance genres.  And you can even use them in everyday life.

Topics include:-

  • Mental training skills
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • Practical exercises using balls and bands

You can go to the website to download your free copy now.