What teacher does in class


When planning a dance class you might identify the following:

  • the teaching material or content that you plan to teach
  • the teaching material or content that you plan to teach
  • key teaching points to address
  • delivery of teaching content
  • student activity in the class – what they will do as they learn and progress
  • learning outcomes
  • time allowance for each part of the class

All of these are important aspects of planning and delivering a class but I want to ask you to consider something else that is often overlooked – what the dance teacher does in class. I find considering and identifying what we do as teachers in the dance class is often a revealing and extremely valuable exercise to go through as we see below.

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Reflective Practice

Reflective practice is a wonderful way to help ourselves to develop and progress our dance teaching practice. It is a way of continually learning and developing through our own practice. At the end of a teaching session we can reflect on what we did. We can consider the things that worked well and those that did not work so well. Honesty in our reflections is vital and it can take some practise to develop the objectivity that we need. It is worth it though because our teaching benefits enormously from quality reflective practice. And our students benefit too, of course.

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