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Courses for March and April 2017 are available to book now.

General information is available about courses on the Short Online Courses page. The brand new course Mindfulness in Dance Teaching will have an information sheet available shortly.


New courses for September 2015

Two new Short Online CPD Courses for Dance Teachers are available for September 2015 plus one of the courses run earlier this year:

Learning and Teaching Dance: dance teaching ethics – an introduction – New

Learning and Teaching Dance: teaching social and leisure dance – New

Learning and Teaching Dance: tension and rigidity in dance

The dates are:

Start date: Friday 25 September 2015   Completion date: Thursday 15 October 2015 – please note updated completion date

The dance teaching ethics course
aims to introduce dance teaching ethics and explore simple ways of encouraging ethical dance teaching practices. An important topic introduced in  a basic, easy to understand, bite-sized format. Dance teaching ethics is a topic relevant to dance teachers across every dance genre and at every stage of learning and development. Further details about these courses will be available shortly on this site.

Teaching social and leisure dance, is a course for teachers of all the many forms of dance taught to people of all ages wanting to enjoy learning to dance. Some of the social and leisure dance genres include:  Line dancing; Swing, Modern Jive, Salsa; Folk; Swing; Jive; Balletcise, Street dance; Tap and lots more, as you know. Dance as a hobby or pastime has grown enormously in recent times and along with this have emerged many teachers who may not have a teaching background but teach under a ‘learn as I do’ model. A short course like this one can help social dance teachers (with or without a traditional teaching background) to consider ways of teaching movement and dances that can help leisure dancers to learn quicker, more accurately and importantly safely. The importance of the social and fun factor in leisure dance is always considered when approaching teaching matters on this course.

The tension and rigidity course has proved to be a very popular course with dance teachers from around the world who, through taking this short course, have discovered many benefits from understanding more about tension and rigidity in dance, some of its causes and ways to avoid or reduce unnecessary tension in the dance class and performance.

This course has been enjoyed by dance teachers teaching a whole range of dance students from elite to social dancers and from children through to older adults.

General information about short online CPD courses for dance teachers

Course type: Each course is one of a series of short online CPD courses for dance teachers and trainee dance teachers created by Sho Botham.

Duration: 3 weeks

Time commitment: The time commitment for each course is 10 hours over the three weeks. This means that you have flexibility in when you study and prepare the weekly assignments to fit around your existing work and family commitments.

Delivery: Each course is delivered via short, online, learning activities that may include reading, presentations or videos to watch and practical tasks. Some learning materials or guidance may be provided as PDF files for you to download. A weekly email tutorial with your course tutor is an important aspect of how each course is personalised for you and your dance teaching practice. This provides opportunities for discussion, reflection and feedback.

Cost: Each course ONLY costs £49 (GBP) and offers terrific value for money.

Generic outline of courses

Week 1 – Guided learning and/or reviewing

Week 2 – Planning and application to practice

Week 3 – Reflections and thoughts for future practice

Each course offers an opportunity to apply the course development to your dance teaching practice through the planning of a class or session incorporating aspects of the course. Feedback is received on your teaching plan, via the weekly email tutorial, before you deliver the taught session. This enables you to incorporate any planning feedback for your taught session which you deliver in the third and last week of the course. Following this taught session your last email tutorial reflects on how your taught session went, identifying what went well and why and what needs further development and why. This email tutorial also enables you to consider your future dance teaching practice in relation to the course topic and development.

Writing: there is no formal essay writing on these short CPD courses. Any writing is in note form. This means that you can write about the topic and your practices and experiences on the course without needing to pay attention to formal essay writing protocols. The key focus of the courses is on incorporating the CPD development into your dance teaching practice.

Certificate of completion: a certificate of completion is sent to you following your completion of the course.

Sample certificate

A sample completion certificate

Watch out for booking details to be posted on the site shortly. If you have any questions you can post them here on the comments facility or contact Sho via email on:

sho at (change the ‘at’ to @ and remove the spaces)

The following new course will be available to take next time:

Learning and Teaching Dance: developing proprioception skills

Thinking about a dance teacher CPD course?

MP900439364This year is already passing quickly and here we are at the end of the first week in April already. The first short, online CPD courses start in 10 days on Friday 17 April 2015. So there is still time to sign up for either:

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Details for Short online CPD courses

CPD for Dance TeachersDo you need to achieve a certain amount of CPD each year? These short online courses could be just what you need. They might contribute to your annual CPD requirements by qualifying as external CPD points or credits with your dance teacher organisation or body. Why not download the course information sheets and give them to the body that monitors your CPD requesting that the course/s be counted towards your CPD total for the year? Your CPD monitoring body can contact me if after reading the information sheets they have further questions about the courses.

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Update – new short CPD online courses start April

MP900439364For a variety of reasons a year has passed since mentioning the new online CPD for Dance Teachers short courses that I am working on. I won’t bore you with why this has happened but I do want to thank everyone who has contacted me and shown such great interest in these courses This is very encouraging. At long last these new short CPD courses are going to get underway on Friday 17 April 2015 with the following two courses: Continue reading

My latest book purchase

Dance Medicine in PracticeMy copy of Liane Simmel’s book ‘Dance Medicine in Practice’ (newly translated into English) and published by Routledge has just arrived. I love the anticipation of opening a brand new book. When I heard that Liane’s book was now available in I immediately ordered it and at first glance, it certainly does not disappoint.

This post is about my first impressions of this book as I have yet to read it. But flicking through the sections and pages it seems well thought out and offers a lot of useful information as one would expect from a medical doctor, osteopath and former professional dancer who specialises in dance medicine.

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Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers

Thank you for all your applications for the Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers course. I am delighted that we have filled all the places on offer.

If you want to find out about future opportunities then you can check the Safe Dance Practice page on the decodanz website. And I will put information on this blog about other CPD opportunities that I will be offering.

FREE places on course – update

Response to the FREE training offer for Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers has been terrific. Teachers from various dance genres and dance backgrounds are benefiting from having free training. As of today (27 Feb 2012), there are only 3 places still available for teachers wanting to take advantage of this free training.

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Dates for Scottish Two-Day Workshops event

Scottish dates

I can confirm that the Scottish two-day workshop event for Safe Dance Practice for Dance Teachers course will be held on:-

26 and 27 June 2012 in Edinburgh

English dates

3 and 4 July 2012 in Eastbourne

Full details about the course are available from the website decodanz.  You can also download the updated Information Sheet Download the flyer for the course here Safe dance practice for Dance Teachers flyer 2012.

Flyer SDPforDT