Reflecting on previous posts

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I was reminded this week that it is useful to highlight previous posts because they will be new to some of you. If you have not seen these posts before, I hope you find them useful and maybe even interesting. If you have seen them before I hope you will  have another look and reflect on them again.


What teacher does in class

Ethics and dance thesis

Teaching with mirrors in dance class

Highland Dancing competitors – are we expecting too much?

Valuing dancers for what they are and not just for what they can do

When can I start pointe work?

Helping dancers thrive and feel motivated

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Pointe readiness

When can I start pointe work? – is a question that dance teachers often struggle to answer when asked it by their students. Is it as simple as a single age or a certain amount of time spent in ballet training? Approaches to when students might begin pointe work have changed considerably since the 1920s and 1930s when children as young as four or five years old were put en pointe.

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When can I start pointe work?

Young dancers often want to know when they can start pointe work. And an answer of around 12 years of age is usually given. But really it is not the age of the dancer that we need to pay attention to but the kind of dance student that is asking.

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